Will your new Gen5 Glock 19 with a light or laser attachment fit in your current holster?

Recently, I tried our Gen5 G19 with an Inforce APLc in a Werkz Minimalist 2.0 holster designed on the previous generation Glocks.  It didn’t fit properly.  Here is what I found out.

First, a bit of background.  Most holsters fit tightly around the pistol and (if attached) light or laser, especially when fully holstered.  This prevents the pistol from moving around a lot and gives proper retention and feel.  For a Kydex holster, key areas of retention are around the sides, where the Kydex has “give”.  This allows the Kydex to flex in for retention and flex out on draw.  Near the top of the slide or around the bottom of the holster, there is less give because this is where the holster comes together.  Further, the Kydex is quite strong around those areas.  For a holster to fit properly, the distance from the top of the slide to the bottom of the light is critical.  And that is where the problem is for the Gen5 Glock 19 we tried.

I tested the holster with the Gen4 G19, and it fit properly.  I also tested the holster with the Gen5, and it fit too tightly.  So tightly in fact that I would have had a difficult time drawing cleanly.  This wasn’t an item I could resolve by adjusting the retention screw, and it wasn’t because the holster didn’t have clearance for the ambi slide release.  So, I measured my pistol in a number of places, and here is what I found.

G19 Gen4 G19 Gen5
Top of Slide to Bottom of dust cover – front of trigger guard 36.7 36.7
Top of Slide to Bottom of dust cover – at rail slot 33.8 34.5
Top of Slide to Bottom of dust cover – end of muzzle 35.7 36.7
Frame Width – front of trigger guard 29.4 29.4
Frame Width – at rail slot 20.8 20.8
Frame Width – end of muzzle 20.9 21
Slide Width 25.5 25.6
Top of Slide to Bottom of IAPLc 60.2 61

The cells highlighted in yellow are the most concerning.  It seems that the Gen5 Glock puts the light almost 1mm lower than the previous generations.  This small change can result in a holster that fits properly on a previous generation NOT fit properly with the Gen5.  Due to the importance of that dimension in the holster, it is quite likely that the Gen5 holsters will require a different design — not just for the slide release, but also for the lower rail position.

Werkz is working on updates to their holsters to accommodate, and will be distinguishing between the Gen5 and previous generations for custom holsters.  But this is something you should be aware of when purchasing your Gen5 Glock, and especially if you’re purchasing a special holster just for your Gen5.  Make sure it will work with your combination.

Here is more information in a video…

One final thing: Werkz is now making Gen5 Glock 19 holsters.  These holsters are specifically designed for and tested with the Gen5 Glock 19.

Live Armed!